SEIMEX NOVY JICIN is a major brand in the market for ground military equipment:
– supply of spare parts
– service and repair of equipment and spare parts for all modifications T-72, T-55, BVP-1, BVP-2, TATRA.

Brand SEIMEX includes two companies:
SEIMEX FUTURE, s.r.o. Novy Jicin, since 1997 for domestic market,
SEIMEX, a.s. Novy Jicin, since 1999 for foreign trade.

eese companies are also ivolved in the manufacturing process at SPD Kromeriz, a.s.
SEIMEX, a.s. is representing them abroad – www.spd-km.cz.

For all these activities, the company has the appropriate authority of the state authorities in the form of concession certificates for all activities in the field of military weapons and military ammunition, including licenses – foreign trade licenses with army materials.

In tank technology mainly for spare parts for T-55 and T-72 series tanks, then for BVP-1 and BVP-2 in all their modifications
in wheeled equipment for spare parts for TATRA chassis.
For all these activities, the company owns the relevant authorizations of state authorities in the form of concession certificates for all activities in the field of military weapons and military ammunition, including permission for foreign trade in military material.

Two companies operate under the SEIMEX brand, originally SEIMEX FUTURE, s.r.o. Nový Jičín (now for the Czech Republic) and since 1999 also SEIMEX, a.s. Nový Jičín, which deals with the implementation of foreign trade.
Although the SEIMEX brand has been established relatively recently, they employ experts who have been involved in the production and repair of military equipment for many years. In addition to the professional knowledge of the technology with which we trade, the long-term cooperation with the Ukrainian, Russian, Slovak and other manufacturers of tank and combat vehicle components and with a number of commercial and service companies is also a basic advantage. Therefore, we have an overview of sources of supply, delivery options and market prices. We offer the supply of spare parts for the above mentioned equipment in reasonable time at a reasonable price.

It is necessary to emphasize that all spare parts supplied by us are subjected to scrutineering, eventually repaired, adjusted, tested. Before the dispatch, the final inspection is a matter of course. At customer’s request we provide preservation and overseas packaging. To carry out all these activities, the company is equipped with the necessary technical facilities, material security and testing equipment. Many other professional activities are performed by experienced contractual partners (manufacturing and repair factories). The Permanent Inspection System gives a high guarantee that perfect and proven products leave our company.