Hydraulic drive of traversing (1172.77.0189)
Hydraulic motor (BK 2.957.079)
 Tank of traversing (BK 2.968.097)
 Hydraulic pump with electric motor (BK 2.960.303)

Hydraulic drive of elevation (1172.77.0190)
 Hydraulic amplifier (BS 2.359.014 SB)
 Hydraulic cylinder (BS 2.958.028)
 Tank of elevation (BK 2.968.098)

Distribution box K1 (BK 3.622.651 SB)

Distribution box K2 (432.70.238)

Gyroblok (BK2.369.113 SB)

Angle limiter (BS 4.282.006)

Supply device (PP 28.000 SB)

Convertor 8LO4P (1DM 608.146 SB)

Frequency regulator 8LO26P (2DM 388.052 SB)

Electromagnet of traversing (BK 3.254.110)

Gear hydraulic pump (BK 5.882.019)

Potenciometer (BK4.685.050-01)

Gyrosemicompass GPK-59 (175.70.071 SB)

Regulator R10TAU

Regulator R10TMU-1S

Regulator R10TM-U

Starting device PUS-15R (1172.70.1028)

Matching automatic device PAS-15-2S (1176.70.1023)

Electric motor MU-431 (TU 218.65)

Rotary contact device VKU-330-4 (1172.70.1078)

Memory device (172.74.001 SB-3)

 CABLE NO.1 (BS6.644.045) (SB 9875010)
 CABLE NO.2 (BS6.644.046) (SB 9875020)
 CABLE NO.3 (BS6.644.047) (SB 9875030)
 CABLE NO.4 (BS6.644.048) (SB 9875040)
  CABLE NO.5 (BS6.644.049) (SB 9875050
   CABLE NO.6 (BK6.644.516) (SB 9875060)
 CABLE NO.7 (BK6.644.517) (SB 9875070)
  CABLE NO.8 (BK4.854.334) (9875080)

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